Introducing Zooky


Entertaining all ages, since 1989!


    Awarded the first trophy ever, for the Funniest-Friendliest


  Clown @ Clownfest with over 800 participants!


Satisfaction Guaranteed & Fully Insured!


Member of World Clown Association & Clowns of America International

All Family Events From Birthdays to Weddings

Parades, Fairs, Libraries & Schools

Nursing Homes/Senior Centers

Grand Openings

Adult Roasts

Customizing all your needs for a truly professional show!


Magic, Balloon Animals , Dancing, Parachute, Tattoo's, Storytelling, Puppet's , Face Painting , Prizes
and So Much More!


Elf, Santa, Pirate , LEPRECHAUN, Cowboy, EASTER BUNNY, stand-up Adult roast & more!..

and Austin Powers, Yeahhhhh!


When you have a date in mind, just call me, and I'll hold that slot until someone else needs me , than I'll  call you before I will book another show.  It's just common courtesy.:):):)



Major Discounts

on weekday show's thru out the year!


$50 off your next show


Please speak with me for further details




914-328-1452 New York


203-702-7215 Connecticut


For any and all of your family and business entertainment needs!
Please Book Early For Best Rates!

Hi Ya!, it's me Zooky,

Happy Happy Fun Fun!


When you invite me to your next party or event, 

I will entertain all ages with my Kooky-Zooky Zany Antics.

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